This is something that was written by Walt Needham

some time back.  It's still apropos!  We definitely can

use help in writing articles for the Home Page.  If you

have something that you'd like to share with your

class mates, please contact me at the email address

listed below. 






Have you ever envied Miss Marple's proficiency in obtaining information through her interviews, or Hercule Poirot's use of his "little gray cells"?  Develop your own detective skills by locating class of 54 members and either obtaining their email addresses and/or telling them of the existence of this East High web site www.easthigh54.net


     1.  If your time is limited, would you provide your own email address and contact five class members whom you know?  Obtain their email addresses, or if they don't have computers or an email address, advise them of this site, suggest they use a friend's computer or one at the library, and obtain their latest postal address?  Enter them on the website or email them to me. Then ask each one of them if they would contact five of  their alumni friends with the same request -- provide email address, inform them of web site, let them know about computers at library if they do not have one of their own, and obtain their mailing address.

     2.  If you have more time, would you contact more than five people with the same task as 1?

     Through options 1 & 2 we can use to Ponzi principle to increase our numbers in a geometric fashion.

     3.  If you'd like to help out with the site, please contact me (gvaldeg1@cox.net) for other web site tasks -- articles, entering data, designing sections, etc.

Remember, the success of this web site depends upon the interest of the class members.  With your help we can create a lively and ongoing East High Class of 54 web site.

Gary Sleater

Web Editor