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09/28/13 01:45 PM #1    


Gary Sleater

Ray - Glad to hear that your wife is doing well.  My wife Jean and I also love to travel.  We're both retired from Honeywell Defense Avionics Division in Albuquerque.  I was a Principal Engineer and Jean was a Program manager.  We both worked on a lot of programs with Lockheed-Martin have been "kicking around" Class reunion possibilities with Marelyn Seifers.  It's good to hear that you think it's a good idea.  If anything comes to fruition, we'll let the Class know. 

Take care - Gary


06/29/14 02:06 PM #2    

Ray Fenning

Dr. Don Sperry Snyder Passed away in 1997 at the age of 61.  See Dessert News Obit for more info--Ray

05/25/15 05:48 PM #3    

Joseph S. Merrill

Hello, this is Joseph S. Merrill

When was the last reunion?   I missed it.... Was not contacted. 

Would enjoy another reunion no matter how many or how few show!  ??

We can plan a cruise!



07/28/15 05:47 PM #4    

Barbara Newell (Crawley)

Barbara Wooley and I had many fun times together at East High. Love her very much and so sorry she is out of sight now. Blessings to Kerm and all of their family members.

I would love to attend another reunion. The last one was a fun time.


Barbara Newell Crawley

08/10/15 01:15 PM #5    

Quentin C. Gardner Sr

Yes,not only do I remember Barb from school days also her and her family when we all lived Anchorage, AK. We hope Kerm and family are well.

Quentin Gardner

08/11/15 01:34 PM #6    

William Vriens

I am all for a yearly reunion...and happy to help in any way I can. And Gary thank youi for your efforts on the web site...great contribution...thank you. Bill Vriens

04/22/16 10:25 AM #7    

LoRie Handley (Thomsen)

This isn't about a reunion, but wanted to let you know Charlotte Sheffield passed away April 15, 2016.  Her obit was in the Deseret News.

LoRie Thomsen

04/23/16 10:11 PM #8    

Barbara Newell (Crawley)

Sorry to learn of Charlotte Sheffield's passing this past week. Our interactions through the years have been few but I have enjoyed seeing her whenever the opportunity arose. She will be missed by her large family and I pray she will rest in peace. We participated in many music presentations at East High - A'cappella and the operetta, "Bittersweet.." She was a fun person.

07/05/17 02:42 AM #9    

Barbara Newell (Crawley)

Thanks for the interesting science article. I enjoyed reading it very much.   Barbara Newell Crawley

07/06/17 06:02 PM #10    

Donna Hood (Cox)

Hi Everybody,

I would love to have at least one more reunion.  It might work if we got together at a public library.  They have private rooms you can use.  Another suggestion would be the big room at the Golden Corral on 7200 South in Salt Lake.  It we meet at 2:00 in the afternoon, seniors eat for about $8.00 and we can stay as long as we want. No fuss and no bother for anyone  and I would be glad to help notify people.  I think it would be fun even if only a few people came.  

Would love to see you all sometime.

Donna Hood Cox

07/06/17 08:31 PM #11    


Gary Sleater

Thanks for joining our website Donna and I'm happy to welcome you aboard.  It will be interesting to see if we get many suggestions about another reunion.  If enough people want it; we may be able to make it happen.

Gary Sleater


07/06/17 11:28 PM #12    

Darrell Ownby

Bravo Gary!  What an insightful article. Most informative and well written. Thank you.  I hope Norris  can get funding for his work and ideas. I know of the dogmatism in scientific communities especially when they have been accustomed to receiving large government funding for their work. I hope there are some venture capitalists and/or angel investors who will be willing to risk giving him support.                                                         

I hadn't heard about the passing of Charlotte Sheffield.  She was an exemplary person who loved life faced her challenges with courage. She will be greatly missed by many.

Gary, your work on this site is sincerely appreciated.

Darrell Ownby


07/07/17 11:29 AM #13    


Gary Sleater

Thanks a million Darrell!  Hearing from Classmates like you encourages me to keep things going on this site.



08/01/17 01:37 AM #14    

Barbara Newell (Crawley)

Hi, Gary


Thank you so very much for your detailed discussion of the eclipse you witnessed. It would be great to be in Idaho for the coming eclipse but it's not going to happen for me. I will just enjoy the partial view we will get living here in Utah.

The creation of the solar system and the happenings of nature on this earth are phenomenal. I love the beauty of the earth and enjoy it every day. Thanks again for your informative article.

Barbara Crawley

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